Learning Management System(LMS)


A proud track record of installation at over 2000 for human resource development at enterprises, education business, and schools as well as sharing information in the institution.

Installation record
  • Comprehensive support from learning material creation, learning and operation management.
    Moreover, learning through multi devices.

Various tools are no longer necessary. This is the one which obtains all essential basic function.

KnowledgeDeliver equips three major functions such as learning material creation, learning and operation management as standard. It corresponds to various needs for online education providers in education business, universities/vocational schools and training in enterprises etc.

Corresponding online education in new era such as linkage with Web meeting tools, issuing Openbatch etc.

The latest version links to Web meeting tool as expanded function. No need to access with Web meeting tool which utilizes for live lesson and online seminar. LMS allows seamless learning on it as well as uniform management of learning record. Moreover, it corresponds to issue openbatch which is a learning certification of in next generation.


Allowing to create intelligible learning materials through surprisingly simple step

The mainstream of learning materials is not static one but dynamic one using much animation and video. KnowledgeDeliver allows to create intelligible learning materials with sound, video, subtitle and animation with movement. If there are already Ppt or Pdf files, they can be learning materials immediately.

O’quv materiallari yaratish menyuni tanlang

Select a type of learning material creation.

A variety of types of learning material creation are available.
・Types of Ppt, Video and Pdf learning materials, uploading folder, video and web reference
・Types text test, Questionnaire/Report

Ovoz va videolar jamlangan slayd o’quv materiallarini yaratish

Ppt learning material with sound and video

While Ppt learning materials and pictures are on the background, multimedia learning materials can easily be created with sound and video on browser. It is available for pointing out on the slide according to video and sound, insertion of free line and diagram, converting pages and controlling Ppt animation timing.

Testlar yaratish

Test creation

It is easy to create test and explanation. The type of test can choose among true or false type, single choice question, and description. If there are a number of questions, they can be registered by CSV file at once. The order of questions can be defined in numeric order as well as random way.

Fan va darslarni loyihalash

Designing curriculum

Learning materials can be arranged in desired order on chapter and unit. Learner can access to and learn them in the same way of searching on a table of contents of textbooks.

Shartlarni avvaldan belgilash funksiyasi

Setting up prerequisite condition

The prerequisite conditions such as setting the given date and time of start of learning, and allowing learners to proceed to the next chapter only after accomplishment of the previous one.


Easy to crate effective video learning materials by “Video+” !

It is easy to create and stream video learning materials which contain supplementary subtitles or quizzes for checking understanding. It enables in house creation of effective video leaning materials with multi device support, without outsourcing it to production companies.

Realization of protecting contents, multi device support and controlling playback speed!

“Video+ SS” is the high functioning service which realize protecting contents, one source and multi device support and controlling playback speed. It is full of functions specialized in education and it enhances quality of learning.

SCORM 1.2/2004


SCORM option

First in Japan, certified ADL (the standardization body in America) certificated “SCORM 1.2” and “SCORM 2004.”
Dealing with SCORM contents which are virtually regarded as the world standard of e learning.

Multilingual option

Turli tillarda foydalanish imkoniyatini beradigan funksiya

Secure use abroad!

The interfaces in each languages of English, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian and Kyrgyz are available for learners and managers.
*There are cases in which some parts of thesome parts of the functions are not translateddepending on the language and the option and the version of KnowledgeDeliver.


Learning can be freer, much instinctive and clearer.

KnowledgeDeliver corresponds with multi devices such as smartphone, tablet and PC. Visible, clear and instinctive operation allows learners to adopt their own styles of learning in the best environment.

O’quv qo’llanmada tanlash

Selection of learning materials

A variety of types for creating learning materials is already set up.
Learners can feel presence to learn through sound and video navigation.

Savol berish


If questions are raised during learning, learners can ask through the function of questioning.

Test topshirish/Tahlil qilish

Taking tests/Analyzing

Learners can take test which is inevitable to measure the level of acquisition of the learning content.
The result is able to be shown by radar chart and analyzed.

Hisobotlar topshirish

Submission of report

It is possible to submit report in the way of text or attached file.

So’rovnomalarga javob berish

Answering questionnaire

It is easy to fill answer in each question.

Faxriy yorliqlar,tugatkanligini tasdiqlovchi guvohnomalarni taqdim qilish imkoni

Showing certificate

Once the given course is completed, a certificate is going to be shown.

O’zingizni sahifangizdan tekshirish imkoniyati mavjud

Checking my page

Infographics clearly show learning record and information on my page soon after log in. Learners can check own learning progress instinctively.

O’quv bo’limlarni izlash imkoniyati

Searching a course

There is a function to search a particular course. When the number of course is increased, it is possible to search according to the category.


Live option

Live funksiyasi

Linkage with web meeting tool

It is possible to set a live lesson using a web meeting tool or online seminars as a unit into a curriculum.
Learners do not need to input settings and connect to a web meeting tool separately, and can learn seamlessly on LMS.
Record of participation in live lesson is managed unitarily as a learning record.

Group training as well as e learning is managed unitarily

Not only e learning but also application for group training or attendance can be managed on the system.
It is useful to combine group training with online training, since group training is also managed unitarily as a learning record.

Optional presentation unit

Taqdimot qila olish funksiyalari

Submission and management of works

In a case of e learning with production, learners can submit own work in the form of video, voice data or ZIP file. It is possible to set up and manage evaluation and comments to the work.

Optional function of discussion

Baxs-munozara funksiyasi ham mavjud

Exchange of opinions among learners

It is possible to set a discussion room in a class which is a place of exchange of opinions. Learners can apply for making a room and discuss freely with class members after it is approved.

Operation management

No compromise of easy usage and multifunction

It is not too much to say that the secret of success for e learning is daily management.
KnowledgeDeliver drives for consisting with easiness and multifunction through allowing responsible staff to use instinctively without hesitation, and detailed consideration for the function of operation management.

O’quvchilarni ro’yxatga olish va o’quv darsliklarni to’g’ri taqsimlagan holda dars kontentlarini bog’lab chiqish

Registration of learners and allocation of learning materials

Learners can be registered according to each category.
Entitlement of the function of each learner is precisely defined through the role setting. Learners and learning materials can be registered through CSV file at once.
Large scale operation is possible to use personal data and application of course.

O’qish holatini boshqarish

Management of progress of the learners

Learners with delayed progress who are extracted through searching and checking on learning record and provided mentoring through sending e mail individually.
In addition, it is possible to inspect the progress and result of learners on each curriculum.

O’quvchilarni o’qish jarayonini boshqarishda muhim bo’lgan eslatma habarlarni namoyish qilish

Showing the events with necessary instruction

Instructors are requested to react when learners submitted “question” or “report”.
This prevents from delayed correspondence, which makes to demotivate learning.

Anketa savollarini yeg’ish

Gathering answers of questionnaire

The result of the questionnaire to learners is gathered through the collecting function.
It is important to understand real and accurate opinions for continuous effective learning.

Savollarga javob berish

Answering questions

Questions from learners are shown on a list. Answering and management are possible on browser smoothly.
It is an effective tool to prevent one way communication which is incidental in e learning.


Issuing learning certificate in next generation which is difficult to forge

As a certificate of completion of learning by KnowledgeDeliver , it is possible to issue to learners with digital certificate “Open batch” which conforms to IMS GrobalLearning Consortium. Learners can make their learning certificate visible and share easily by downloading and use the batch.

“AMS” realizes fine mentoring

It is possible to give a guidance and facilitation to learners automatically according to preset scenario. Individual messages can be set in response to day and time or learning progress, and there is even the functions to display on calendars of learners. In addition, there is a function to support reminder to send email which reports the learning record of a subordinate to the boss.

“Analytics+,” the integrated service of Learning Analytics

The learners’ tendency of learning can be visible on graph by analysis of accumulated learning record (educational big data). Moreover, based on the result of analysis, it contains a recommendation of learning materials for learners and Robot menu (option) as concrete actions.

Eight reasons to be selected continuously

Birgina platformaning o’zida barchasi mavjud

The only tool

It includes standardly the functions of “learning material creation,” “learning” and “operation management” which are necessary for e learning. There is no need to prepare other tools.

Turli multidevayslarda foydalana olish imkoni

Multidevice support

Leaning is possible by not only on computer, but also on smartphone or tablet. It is possible to stream videos on smartphone.

Platformaning yiliga 4 martta yangilanishi

Quarterly updating

New functions are added according to client’s need and trend, and latest client environment. It continues to provide new LMS.

2000 dan ortiq tashkilotlarda foydalanilish tajribasi

Over 2000 installation record

It has large number of installation cases for enterprises, public agencies and medical institutions etc. The specialized departments is in charge of sales increase, making efficient and cost reduction.

Sizning ehtiyojlaringizga moslashtirilgan

Customizing according to requests

The type of e learning varies according to issues and objects. It’s strength is flexible customizing corresponds to clients’ requests.

Foydalanuv soni ko’pligi va keng ko'lamli operatsiyalar boshqaruvi

Variety of types of introduction and operation in a large scale

Variety of types of introduction exist such as ASP, on premise, DK cloud and public cloud. They support operation in a large scale for hundreds of thousand of people.

Hotirjam boshqaruv hizmatini taqdim etamiz

Reliable operational support

The support center is established for responsible staff and learners. It supports more smooth operation through telephones and emails.

Shaxsiy ma’lumotlarni saqlash! Yetarli darajadagi hafvsizlikni taqdim etamiz

Perfect protection of personal data and security measure

“KnowledgeDeli” which is based on KnowledgeDeliver is certificated as ASP・SaaS information disclosure for safety and reliability

Variety of customization

Digital Knowledge is consist of each department specialized in educational businesses, universities and vocational schools, and training at enterprises. The specialized staff with a lot of experiences listen about need of each client, and plan function and operatio n f or target and use, and provide appropriate solutions based on an variety of case.

Educational business

・Construction of EC site and linkage with payment system
・Establishment of e learning system appropriates to educational method
・Development of dedicated learning player which improve learning effect (prevention for unauthorized attendance and protection of contents etc.)
・Inserting original design according to the brand image
・Closed SNS and the function of communication
・Tests in a large scale and Online CBT solution with simultaneous streaming
・Linkage solution with external systems such as core system and SFA etc.

University and vocational school

・Usage as learning system of correspondence college and vocational school
・As a tool of learning by reports/outside class support system
・Reversal learning as a learning tool at home
・Managing results, learning and attendance record as portfolio management
・Holding online seminars for applicants for admission to the school
・Linkage with face authentication
・Tests in a large scale and Online CBT solution with simultaneous streaming
・Linkage with portal
・Security measure

Training at enterprise

・Linkage with personal system in institution and function of automatic creation of user accounts
・Single sign on from an integrated authentication site
・Login system by ID card
・Terminal authentication system for restricting devices in use
・A supporting function for sending progress of subordinates to their boss by email
・Check sheet function for boss to record evaluation on site
・Structure to enjoy learning which includes elements of gamification
・Structure to manage users’ skill and certification ・Structure to manage situation of applicant according to the number of applications to attend a course

What is LMS? Learning

LMS is an abbreviation of Learning Management System. It is the foundation system for e learning through internets, computers/ smartphones for learning. Most of LMS consists of the learning function in which learners log in for learning while the managing function in which teachers or managers control learning record.

It is the fundamental system to provide e learning which is named as “e leaning system” or “e learning platform” in general. It is normally provided as a web service by web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Incidentally, it is often considered as a system to manage learning due to image of the word of “Learning Management System,” but it is focused on providing learning environment through simple and effective way than management of learning record for managers.

LMS (Ta’limni boshqarish tizimi) degani nima o’zi
Learning material creation Management

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